Empty bowls 2020

June 11, 2020

6pm - 9pm

Welcome to Empty bowls 2020!

We are now selling tickets for our annual empty bowls event on 11th June at 6pm. £25 per person. Paypal link below.
Our fabulous local potters are busy designing and making bowls for the evening and Harissa is coming up with the delicious Mediterranean style food

The Clay Team are organising this years event. We hope to have 150 bowls ready for your supper on the night making it bigger and better than last year! Potters from all across the region and beyond are donating their time and materials to make you individual bowls. All bowls are food safe and suitable for hand washing unless specified on the business card.
Harissa Kitchen are again donating their time and food to the event, with a veggie tagine and flatbreads on the menu it’s sure to be a tasty affair!

All profits from the evening will be split evenly between Food Nation, The Clay Team and another local food charity tbc.
Two local food charities doing a Stirling job educating the North East on all things food!

How does it work?

You arrive at 6pm
Hand in your ticket
Choose a bowl
Take it to Harissa pop up stand
Get it filled with food
Buy drinks from the bar
When finished ask a person with a pinny to wash it for you
Take it home and enjoy it for the rest of your life!

Tickets are available here

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