8 July 2016

Quintessentially British - Beer and Strawberries and Cream

Tyne Bank Brewery has teamed up with a food rescue company to produce their latest beer. Strawberries and Cream extra pale ale has been created in collaboration with Ugly Duckling, a company that dedicates itself to the rescue and supply of misshapen and aesthetically challenged fruit and vegetables that wouldn’t normally find a way into the food chain.

Tyne Bank Brewery owner, Julia Austin said:
“A pallet load of beautifully ripe strawberries arrived at the brewery this week and our brewers have been hard at work creating one of our signature products. The fresh ingredients in our beers are what sets us apart from our competitors, and to collaborate with Ugly Duckling means that we are able to use fabulous local tasty produce… and our social conscience remains intact too”.

This quintessentially British brew is produced as Wimbledon reaches its finale, (and hopefully in time to see Andy Murray lift the trophy), at 3.8% abv, Strawberries and Cream extra pale ale carries serious flavour. Using lactose and vanilla for a sweet and creamy base, and of course adding a crazy amount of lovely fresh strawberries – truly delicious!

The perfect English Summer beer, refreshingly fruity and morishly sweet.The ideal mid-afternoon treat on a hot summer's day.