5 April 2016

April Special - Vienna Lager

Back by popular demand for April is our Vienna Lager. Vienna Lager is hitting the handpulls and keg taps now. The beer is brewed using Vienna malt, which is kilned at a higher temperature than usual to provide a rich and toasty flavour. It isn't kept at the high temperature for long though, which allows the enzymatic activity to remain high, therefore it can be used to make up the majority of the malt bill. Combined with a lager malt, it makes for a medium bodied and full flavoured beer. We've hopped Vienna Lager with Saaz for a traditional European lager flavour and a crisp, refreshing finish.

This style of Lager was developed in Austria in the 1840s, and was made popular in the US when Viennese brewers emigrated and took their knowledge with them. It is often referred to as pre-prohibition lager as it was a popular style widely brewed in the US before alcohol was outlawed nationwide in 1920.

Our take on this historical style is available this month in both cask and keg.