21 January 2016

Quarterly Hop Series #1 - Motueka Dollar.

Like any brewery, we love experimenting with different hops, so this year we will showcase some of our favourite varieties in the form of a series of special versions of our best selling beer.

American pale ale Silver Dollar is our most popular brew, and is the perfect base for experimenting with generous hop additions. The amber coloured malt bill is able to carry the big flavours imparted by the extra hops, and by using the same base recipe for each version you will easily be able to pick out the different flavours each hop brings to the party.

For the first quarter of 2016 we have used possibly our favourite hop, Motueka. Grown in New Zealand, this multi purpose variety has a great aroma, and is said to have a distinctive fresh crushed citrus “Mojito” lime character. By adding it late in the brew, and as a hefty dry hop, we found it has brought juicy, tropical notes to the beer with plenty of fruity hop character carried by the malt bill. Bred by crossing a native NZ variety with the classic noble hop, Saaz, we use Motueka in many of our beers as we love it's moreish flavour and versatility. It works just as well as a bittering hop as it does for aroma.

Motueka Dollar is available now until the end of March is cask and keg, when it will be replaced with a new version using a different hop. Stay tuned to find out more.