19 January 2016

January Special - Chocolate Raspberry Stout.

Our first monthly special of 2016 is a lovely winter warmer in the form of Chocolate Raspberry Stout. Who says you have to behave yourself in January?

The beer is a balanced dark ale at 4.7%, brewed with real chocolate and raspberries for a subtle and balanced flavour that builds with each sip. At under 5% the beer is accessible, but not lacking in flavour. The combination of chocolate, crystal and cara malts combined with around 8kg of real chocolate melted into the beer ensures plenty of chocolatey goodness. We then added raspberry purée and whole fresh raspberries to punctuate the richness with a fruity bite.

Chocolate Raspberry Stout is inspired by a one off beer we brewed last year on our test kit for local beer writer Michael Brown's wedding. This was a 9% imperial recipe which we've scaled back to create more sensible beer balancing all the flavours of the beer which inspired it.

This rich and enticing, yet well balanced beer is available now in both cask and keg, to help ward off those cold winter nights.