3 November 2015

November Special - Simcoe Dollar.

Hitting the cellars of the area's pubs and bars this week is our brand new special, a limited edition of Silver Dollar. We've taken our best-selling American Pale Ale and added copious amounts of one the most popular US hops in the world.

The late addition of Simcoe to the brew brings big citrus and pine flavours to the beer, knocking the flavour balance very much towards hoppy. Known for its use in West Coast IPAs, Simcoe has flavours of passionfruit as well as an earthy, resinous quality. We've kept the early hop additions fairly low, so Simcoe Dollar boasts juicy fruit flavours with just enough bitterness to make you reach for another sip. A healthy dry hop gives the beer an enticing aroma of pine needles and tropical fruits.

Simcoe Dollar is available now in cask and keg, next year we are planning a whole series of differently hopped 'Dollars', follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for news.