20 November 2015

Mini Kegs are Go!

Tyne Bank mini kegs are now on sale! We are excited to announce that you can now enjoy our delicious cask conditioned ales anywhere with our new 5l mini kegs. Holding just over eight and half pints, these stainless steel containers feature a pull out tap and can be filled with any of our core range of beers. Simply open the vent on the top, pull the tap out at the bottom and you're ready to go.

We've found the best way of filling them is straight from our conditioning tanks, so the beer is unfined. This means it will be slightly hazy as we've left all the flavour in, but also means you can move it around whilst its open as there will be next to no sediment to disturb. An added bonus is that the lack of finings make all of our mini kegs vegan friendly, so everyone can enjoy them. They will last around 4 weeks if kept sealed and cool, and up to four days once opened if kept cool.

They cost £20 and can be bought from our shop on site. We'll keep a stock of filled ones closer to Christmas, but at the moment we'll fill yours straight from the tank while you wait. Whilst our core range will always be available, we can also fill them with our monthly specials, but only in limited numbers and you'll have to book them in advance. For example if you'd like one filled with our December special, Crème Caramel, let us know now and we'll reserve one for you.

Email sam@tynebankbrewery.co.uk or call the brewery on 0191 265 2828 to order yours.

They will be available from Coppers 8till8 and Glug in the Grainger Market next month too, keep an eye on our Twitter page for updates.