9 September 2015

September Special - Green Hop IPA.

It's hop picking season again, and we are lucky enough to have the chance to brew a beer using the freshest possible hops, added to the boil less than 24 hours after leaving the fields. When hops are picked, they are partially dried and vacuum packed for storage, but some are quickly shipped to breweries to be used as 'Green' hops. The drying process removes some of the natural oils from the hops which provide flavour and aroma to beer. By using fresh hops with all of these oils still present, we can brew an IPA with flavours and character that simply can't be achieved at any other time of the year.

For our September special we have brewed a 5.2% IPA, stronger than our previous Green Hop beers and with even more of the freshest English hops. If we can get hold of enough fresh hops, we'll also brew a 4.4% version as we have in the past couple of years. The lower ABV edition will have plenty of late hop additions for aroma, and the IPA will also have a larger early addition providing juicy bitterness. Casks are hitting the handpulls this weekend, and we are putting some into keg next week, this one always sells fast so grab a pint while you can!