7 August 2015

Great Taste Awards 2015.

We are delighted to announce that three of our beers have received Great Taste 2015 awards, including one of our most established beers, Monument, which won the top award of 3 gold stars.

In addition to Monument's incredible success, both our Motueka Blonde and Mocha Milk Stout picked up a Gold Star each. Added to Silver Dollar and Cherry Stout's success at last years' awards we now have 5 beers boasting these prestigious awards.

The Great Taste Awards are an annual event in which 10,000 products ranging from chocolate to steak, are blind tasted and judged by over 400 judges including trained food writers and chefs. Only 31% of the products entered were accredited, with only 130 being awarded 3 Gold Stars putting Monument among the very best of British food and drink. If this wasn't enough, it also secured a place in the top 50 products, which in the words of the organisers are "quite simply are the best fifty foods in the world." 

Feedback from the judges included Monument being described as "a perfect example of a classic British bitter" and is described as "balanced, with just the right bite to it, and plenty of life."

Mocha Milk Stout was described as deep and well flavoured, and Motueka boasted a "good, floral aroma."

All of our award winning beers are available from the brewery shop, and all good bottled beer outlets in the area, so if you haven't tried any of them yet make sure you pick up some bottles and give them a try.