7 May 2015

May Special - Rhubarb & Custard.

This week we launched our May special, Rhubarb & Custard. This intriguing 4.4% oatmeal pale ale has already gained a lot of interest, and has been delivered across the local area this week. 

To create the custard character of the beer, we added oatmeal to the mash providing a thick, velvety body, then added whole vanilla pods and lactose sugar for a sweet, custard powder flavour. 

Already a complex beer, the silky custard notes are balanced with a serious quantity of fresh, field grown Yorkshire rhubarb. Late April is the perfect time to pick rhubarb in the UK, as the plants are in season and taste their best. We could have used forced grown rhubarb, and brewed the beer at any time in the year, but to get the best flavours possible we have brewed it as our May special. The fruity tartness of this vegetable cuts through the creamy custard body of the beer leaving a lingering and balanced finish.

This beer is something different, grab a pint in cask or pick up a growler fill from Coppers in Gosforth and let us know what you think.