25 February 2015

2015 Barrel Ageing Programme.

Some of the barrels on their way to storage.
This year we are stepping up our barrel ageing efforts. Heavenly Porter has now become an annual favourite, with the fresh draught version hitting the handpulls every March, and the Bourbon cask aged version released in the Autumn after months in the barrel. Now is the time to broaden our oak-y horizons.

We have doubled the amount of Barrel Aged Heavenly Porter this year, building on it's previous success where demand comfortably outstripped the number of bottles we got out of the barrel. The luxuriously warming Bourbon flavoured treat continues to grow in popularity.

Scotch Ale in the quarter casks.
We have also just locked away our February special, Scotch Ale, in two Scotch Whisky quarter casks. This 5.5% malty monster, reminiscent of the 90 shilling ales of the past will mature for six months in the barrels, adding layers of oak and Whisky flavours to its original toffee and dried fruit notes. 

Our third barrel ageing project is even more exciting, and involves an enormous cask. We plan to fill a Port hogshead with Cherry Stout. A hogshead holds nearly 240 litres and is considerably bigger than any beer barrels used today. This one has been used to mature Port wine, so should add a deep red fruit character to the stout, taking its Black Forest Gateau notes to a new level of complexity. As we've never done this before there is a certain element of experimenting with this beer, but we hope it's a recipe for success. Time will tell.

All three of these beers will be on the shelves in Autumn in 750ml swing top bottles. These are ideal for sharing, as presents or simply enjoying by yourself as a rare treat. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates.