16 January 2015

January Special - Citra Dollar.

Our first new beer of 2015 is a special edition of an old favourite. We've taken Silver Dollar, our award winning American pale ale, and added a healthy dose of Citra, a powerful US hop. This west coast variety gives the beer a more punchy aroma and a stronger, citrus fruit finish. 

Commonly used as an aroma hop, Citra was released in 2007 and is grown mostly in Yakima, Washington. It provides aromas of citrus and tropical fruits such as grapefruit, lychee and peach, as well as a dry bitterness when used early in the boil. We've gone for plenty of late additions to bring out those juicy fruit characteristics. Citra Dollar weighs in at 5% and is available in cask and keg, a refreshing twist on a Tyne Bank classic.