19 November 2014

Limited Speciality Bottle Release.

We have released a very limited number of extra special bottled beers, three different ales ranging from 4% to a whopping 12%.

We've pulled out all the stops to create something visually impressive as well as full of flavour, brewing a small amount of the beers on our pilot kit, before hand bottling them and then wax dipping and stamping each bottle. The result is a great looking trio of beers with bags of flavour:

Sencha Pale - A 4% extra pale ale blended with Japanese green tea. This beer was brewed with a little help from Quilliam Brothers of Newcastle, using Sencha, the most popular tea in Japan. Bursting with refreshing herbal and grassy notes with a subtle berry flavour accentuated by a blend of hops from across the globe. A very unique brew.

Maple Rye - A Canadian inspired red rye ale at 7.5%, brewed with 100% pure maple syrup. Full bodied with a spiciness from the rye malt which is complimented by the rich, toffee sweetness of maple syrup. For extra maple-y goodness we primed the bottles with the syrup instead of a more conventional sugar, adding an extra level of depth to the beer.

Imperial Cherry - A 12% re-working of our popular and award winning Cherry Stout, this is a big beer. We pushed our pilot kit to it's limit using 6 different malts, and 3 times the quantity of fresh cherries as it's lower strength cousin. Multiple layers of rich malt give coffee notes, burnt currant and hints of dark bitter chocolate, with the cherries adding dried fruit and a subtle acidity similar to that of a good coffee. At this strength it's clearly a beer for sipping, with a deep warmth from the alcohol.

We worked hard to develop the recipes and ensure the beers are well presented, and we intend to release more beers along these lines in the future. It is a chance to experiment, brew niche beers that are unique, and perhaps not economical to brew on a large scale. 

Dipping the bottles in hot wax.

Adding our seal of approval.
They would make a great gift for the beer geek in your life, or perfect for savouring over the festive period. We have a very limited number available in the brewery shop, but all three can be picked up at mmm/glug in the Grainger Market and Coppers 8 til 8 in Gosforth. For those further afield they are available in BeerHive and Cornelius in Edinburgh and the Hand Drawn Monkey Beer Shop in Huddersfield.