5 September 2014

September Special - Green Hop

This week we brewed our latest special, Green Hop. This beer is the freshest you can possibly get in the UK, brewed using freshly picked hops within 24 hours of them coming off the bines. This 4.4% all English pale ale has one job; to showcase the unique properties of these full flavoured fresh hops.

Some clips we took of the harvesting process, the last shot is all the unwanted parts of the plant after the hops have been stripped from the bines.

Right now it's the hop picking season in the UK, over 1500 tonnes of hops will be harvested and used all over the world in many different styles of beer. The majority of these hops will be dried in the Oust House for storage, this process removes around 70% of their moisture and with it, some of their natural oils which provide flavour and aroma. 

Adam getting lost in a Jungle of hops.

Ready to be picked.

Julia and Adam made the trip down to Herefordshire to see the hops being picked, and came straight back to the brewery to throw them into the beer. The variety being harvested on that day was Goldings, a popular aroma hop that is known to produce delicate fruity notes and a smooth, sweet flavour. We used about five times the quantity we would normally for a 4.4% pale ale, as the flavours are less concentrated compared to the dried hops. When the beer had been transferred into the fermenter it smelt delicious, with huge orange peel notes. 

A bunch of hops straight off the bine.

This beer will be best drank fresh, with a big aroma thanks to lots of late additions to the boil. There will be two versions of the beer, using two different hop varieties, both within 24 hours of being picked.

The hops are picked by hand as the tractor slowly moves along the rows.

Tear one open to reveal where all the oils and resins are stored.
The drying process, which our green hops avoided.

The first of our Green Hop ales will be available in cask next week and keg from 15th September. The second crop edition will be available from 22nd September in cask, and in keg from 29th. Make sure you try it a fresh as you can in both methods of dispense for the freshest hop flavours possible.