30 September 2014

October Special - Dunkelweizen.

Every October we like to brew something with a German influence, and this year is no exception. Our brand new special for this month is Dunkelweizen.

Germany has a rich heritage of producing high quality beer for centuries, culminating every year in the world famous Oktoberfest. To help celebrate this prestigious event, we have brewed a traditional Bavarian style Dunkelweizen. A dark wheat beer at 5%, which uses a mixture of wheat and caramelised barley malts. This beer has all the characteristics of a wheat beer with hints of banana and bubblegum, but has the added depth of subtle roasted malt flavours and a full bodied mouthfeel.

Dunkelweizen is unfined, as most of it's unique flavour comes from the German Wheat Beer Yeast needed to break down the more complex sugars in the wheat. Not only does this mean that the beer retains all of its flavour, but it also makes it vegan friendly if that's your thing. 

Naturally hazy, Dunkelweizen is available now in cask, and a very limited amount in keg from next week. So if you're not lucky enough to be making the trip to Germany for the Oktoberfest celebrations, you can still get involved with a Maβ* full of tasty dark wheat beer.

*glassware permitting, it's more likely to be a good old pint or two for an authentic British twist!