5 August 2014

August Special - Barrel of Monkeys

Our monthly special is a little different this time, we have joined forces with our friends from Hand Drawn Monkey Brewing Co. in Huddersfield to brew a double IPA.

This beer is all about the hops, we've ramped up the malt bill to bring the ABV to 6.8%, and crammed in bucket loads of bold new world hops including Columbus, Simcoe and Citra, bringing the bitterness to a substantial 109 IBU. There is more to this beer than bitterness though, with hop additions timed to extract big flavours like citrus fruits, juicy tropical notes and a resinous pine quality, this is one for those who like their beer bold and packed full of taste.

One for the beer geeks; here's the hops we used.

Like us, Hand Drawn Monkey is an award winning micro brewery which values the quality and flavour of their beer. We have wanted to work with Rob, Tom and the crew for a while, so jumped at the chance when they asked if we wanted to brew a beer, and with our shared passion for new world hops, a double IPA was the clear choice.

A 'barrel' is the correct term for a group of monkeys, and handily a very appropriate word with all it's brewing connotations, so naming the beer was pretty straight forward. The beer was brewed at Tyne Bank for cask, and will be brewed again later this month at Hand Drawn Monkey for keg.

Spoiler alert: It's hoppy!