6 June 2014

#tynebankontour photo competition

Here I am in the malt store at the brewery, but where will you take me?

Where's the best location you've enjoyed a beer? We are launching a competition to win a case of our ales, your challenge is to send us a photo and caption of yourself or your friends and family with a bottle of our beer somewhere a bit different. After a bike ride in the sunshine perhaps, on the beach, the top of a mountain, somewhere exotic on holiday or maybe even wild camping somewhere.

We will nominate a different beer for you to get creative with and you can either tweet us a picture using the hashtag #tynebankontour, upload one to Facebook or send us an email, and we'll pick the best one. The winner will be chosen based on where you took the beer, not how good the photo is, so whether its taken on a phone or with a top end camera doesn't matter. We'll put our favourites on the website, and the winner will receive a case of beer and a Tyne Bank glass. Make sure you tell us where you enjoyed the beer though!

The first beer we want you to go exploring with is cycling favourite Peloton Pale Ale.

You can pick up bottles direct from the brewery for just £2 each, from Newcastle airport (perfect if you're off on holiday!) Glug in the Grainger Market, Coppers 8 till 8 in Gosforth, Bodahome in Whitley Bay, Bier Haus in Ossett, across the chain of Vino stores and in Cornelious in Edinburgh. 

You have until the end of July to send us your photos, which means if you're heading to Yorkshire to catch some Tour de France action, you could be in with a winning chance.