20 June 2014

Summer Breeze brewday.

If you follow us on twitter you may have noticed some interesting photos this afternoon. Today we brewed our brand new special, Summer Breeze, a pale ale with ginger and lemongrass.

Those of you who came to our party may remember the prototype beer we had on the bar. After the feedback from the night we have tweaked the recipe and today we brewed a full batch. The beer is a 3.9% pale ale using maris otter and just a touch of wheat, and hopped with a mixture of US and NZ hops. Almost at the end of the boil we added ginger and lemongrass which took some preparing! The beer will be available from the beginning of July, here's a few photos to wet your appetite. 

Adam digging out the mash.

Chopping and peeling the lemongrass.

If even half of the smell from this goes into the beer then its going to awesome!

Pulverised ginger and bashed lemongrass to release all those lovely flavours.

And into the kettle it goes.