20 June 2014

Polypins, perfect for festivals.

The festival season is in full swing, and what better way to enjoy a weekend in the sun (or mud) than with a bag in box of tasty Tyne Bank beer.

Next week Glastonbury Festival, seen by many as the highlight of the festival season, will see thousands of people from across the country making the trip. Over half a million pints of beer will be consumed at this year’s Glastonbury, let alone at all the other festivals which will be taking place up and down the country every weekend for the whole summer. So if you’re heading to a festival this summer, why not take some Tyne Bank ale to enjoy.

Bag in boxes are the perfect solution for your festival trip, available in 10 or 20 litre sizes containing any of our core range of ales, they allow you to enjoy great quality beer with ease. We fill them from a cask leaving the sediment behind, so you won’t need to let it settle, and can move it as much as you like. With very little packaging they are light, fully recyclable and you won’t be left with a pile of empty cans to deal with when you leave. 

When you've drank half of it, do what I did last year at Beautiful Days and shove the bag in your rucksack! 

They are also easy to keep cool too, as a larger quantity of liquid takes much longer to warm up than several small containers. A handy tip is covering them with a damp towel if in the sunlight, as the water evaporates from that before it begins to warm the box.

So whether you’re off to Glastonbury next week, Kendal Calling, Bestival, Latitude, Beautiful Days or any of the growing number of great small festivals this summer, pick up a bag in box from us and enjoy quality beer whilst you’re there. I’ll be taking mine to Boomtown Fair. 

They're not just great for festivals, they're also ideal for BBQs, camping and parties. We do need at least 48 hours notice to allow the beer to settle properly, so make sure you place your orders in advance. Contact us via email, phone, twitter or facebook to order. We can even arrange out of hours collection at The Free Trade Inn to suit you.