10 February 2016

February Special - Heavenly Porter Returns.

The ever popular Bourbon blended porter returns as our February special to warm you up through the last weeks of winter. This 5.4% porter has become an annual feature in the Tyne Bank roster, and rightly so. Brewed with 8 different malt varieties and blended with Kentucky Old Style Bourbon, Heavenly Porter is full of flavour.

The complex malt bill creates a robust and full bodied backbone to the beer. Deep brown in colour with a slight red hue, it's an intriguing sight in the glass. After fermentation, the beer is blended with Heaven Hill Bourbon. A classic Kentucky Bourbon with a smooth character and plenty of vanilla notes, having spent 4 years in oak casks. The bourbon smooths out the malt flavours, adds layers of complexity and a satisfying warmth to the beer. The flavours linger around, with roasted notes and a perfectly balanced whiskey character.

We will of course be maturing some of this year's batch in some Heaven Hill casks, which should be ready in time for Autumn, but you can get your hands on the original version in cask and keg now.

5 February 2016

Tyne Bank on Eebria.

Tyne Bank Brewery

You can now by our beer online anywhere in the UK. Our bottled range is now available here:

We've put together some mixed cases as well as the individual bottles to showcase our wide range of beers. There's a general mixed case filled with an even spread of styles, as well as a dark beers case and a pale ales selection, each containing 12 bottles.

Postage is a competitive £5.99 per brewery, regardless of how many bottles you buy. Your order comes through to us, and we use Eebria's specifically designed packaging ensuring your beer arrives safe and sound. If you'd like to make the most of the packaging, we have boxes which hold 12 bottles, and boxes which hold 24.

Our bottled and kegged beers are also available in Eebria Trade, so if you're interested in stocking our beers in your pub, bar or bottle shop you can now take advantage of the excellent courier service provided. 

If there's a Tyne Bank beer you've been desperate to try, but you live outside of the North East, head over to our Eebria page and place your order now. Make sure you tell your local pub if you're keen to try our keg beers too.