20 November 2015

Mini Kegs are Go!

Tyne Bank mini kegs are now on sale! We are excited to announce that you can now enjoy our delicious cask conditioned ales anywhere with our new 5l mini kegs. Holding just over eight and half pints, these stainless steel containers feature a pull out tap and can be filled with any of our core range of beers. Simply open the vent on the top, pull the tap out at the bottom and you're ready to go.

We've found the best way of filling them is straight from our conditioning tanks, so the beer is unfined. This means it will be slightly hazy as we've left all the flavour in, but also means you can move it around whilst its open as there will be next to no sediment to disturb. An added bonus is that the lack of finings make all of our mini kegs vegan friendly, so everyone can enjoy them. They will last around 4 weeks if kept sealed and cool, and up to four days once opened if kept cool.

They cost £20 and can be bought from our shop on site. We'll keep a stock of filled ones closer to Christmas, but at the moment we'll fill yours straight from the tank while you wait. Whilst our core range will always be available, we can also fill them with our monthly specials, but only in limited numbers and you'll have to book them in advance. For example if you'd like one filled with our December special, Crème Caramel, let us know now and we'll reserve one for you.

Email sam@tynebankbrewery.co.uk or call the brewery on 0191 265 2828 to order yours.

They will be available from Coppers 8till8 and Glug in the Grainger Market next month too, keep an eye on our Twitter page for updates.

19 November 2015

Christmas Market Day.

On Saturday 12th December we are hosting a Christmas Market here in the brewery. A great chance to pick up some excellent local gifts and enjoy some brewery fresh beer while you shop.

Away from the chaos and madness of the high street, come along to our brewery and choose from a wide range of gifts from top quality local producers and artists. Open from 11am til 5pm we're squeezing quite a lot into the brewery including chocolates, soaps, art, jewellery and more. Everything on sale is made locally, and you will be able to buy some unique and interesting gifts for Christmas at prices to suit every pocket.

Of course we will be putting our pop up bar up for the day, so you can enjoy brewery fresh beer whilst you shop. We'll have cask and keg beers, and hot spiced cider to warm you up. Ouseburn Coffee will also be in attendance to keep you going. One very special beer we are excited about will be a one-off nitro keg of our December special, Creme Caramel. Using nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide to provide the condition to the beer results in smaller bubbles and a thick, creamy body. So if you want to try this luxurious version of the beer you will have to pop down on the day!

As well as all the great local traders, we will be selling our full bottled range, gift packs and merchandise which make great presents. We'll also be taking orders for closer to Christmas for polypins, mini kegs and larger bottle orders so you can collect at your convenience.

For more details and announcements make sure you join the official Facebook event which can be found here:

The Q2 bus stops very close to the brewery on Walker Road, so if you're in town getting some shopping done and struggling for ideas, pop along and escape the crowds, unwind with a beer and you will probably find the perfect gift you've been looking for.

Bring your friends along and join us for a beer whilst supporting some great local producers.

13 November 2015

Barrel Aged Beers.

Our trio of brand new barrel aged beers are now on sale. The most extensive barrel ageing programme in the North East sees three luxurious beers hitting the shelves in time for Christmas. We're really happy with the beers, here's the details:

Heavenly Porter - OK so this isn't a new one, but we've doubled the amount we usually mature as you guys just love it so much. A robust porter blended with Heaven Hill bourbon is locked away in oak casks from the very same distillery, adding even more complex layers of warming whiskey flavours. Lots of vanilla up front, with oaky and boozy notes unwinding with every sip.

Scotch Ale - Warning, not everyone will like this beer. However if peat is your thing, you will love it! The 5.5% 90 shilling style ale we brewed back in March has been maturing in Scotch whisky casks for months, and has picked up all of the peaty flavours associated with Islay single malts. Deep toffee notes carry the peat flavours well, this is a beer for wild, wintery nights.

Cherry Stout - Finally, the beer we are most excited about. We've aged our popular oatmeal stout brewed with whole sweet and sour cherries in a Port hogshead. Cherry Stout already has plenty of layers of flavour, and this special barrel aged edition has even more. Deep oak notes lead to a crescendo of dried fruit and rich berry notes and a boozy finish which lingers on the palate for a long time.

On Friday 20th November get yourself down to  Coppers 8 till 8 in Gosforth, where Sam will be on hand with samples of all three beers and to talk you through each of them. Details on the poster below:

You can pick up bottles from our brewery shop for £8.50 each, and they are also available in all good bottle shops over the coming weeks. Of course you can also pick them up from our market stall by Greys Monument from 2nd - 6th December, and at our Christmas Market Event at the brewery on Saturday 12th.

3 November 2015

November Special - Simcoe Dollar.

Hitting the cellars of the area's pubs and bars this week is our brand new special, a limited edition of Silver Dollar. We've taken our best-selling American Pale Ale and added copious amounts of one the most popular US hops in the world.

The late addition of Simcoe to the brew brings big citrus and pine flavours to the beer, knocking the flavour balance very much towards hoppy. Known for its use in West Coast IPAs, Simcoe has flavours of passionfruit as well as an earthy, resinous quality. We've kept the early hop additions fairly low, so Simcoe Dollar boasts juicy fruit flavours with just enough bitterness to make you reach for another sip. A healthy dry hop gives the beer an enticing aroma of pine needles and tropical fruits.

Simcoe Dollar is available now in cask and keg, next year we are planning a whole series of differently hopped 'Dollars', follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for news.