27 June 2014

New Core Beer.

Due to its popularity, we have added our first seasonal dark ale to our core range. Dark Brown Ale is a 4.2% rich and malty beer, and proved very popular in the first quarter of the year. 

Synonymous with Tyneside, regular production of this tasty beer style is returning to the area, using the best malts and just enough English hops to give a subtle berry fruit undertone. Dark Brown Ale slots perfectly into our existing core range.

20 June 2014

Summer Breeze brewday.

If you follow us on twitter you may have noticed some interesting photos this afternoon. Today we brewed our brand new special, Summer Breeze, a pale ale with ginger and lemongrass.

Those of you who came to our party may remember the prototype beer we had on the bar. After the feedback from the night we have tweaked the recipe and today we brewed a full batch. The beer is a 3.9% pale ale using maris otter and just a touch of wheat, and hopped with a mixture of US and NZ hops. Almost at the end of the boil we added ginger and lemongrass which took some preparing! The beer will be available from the beginning of July, here's a few photos to wet your appetite. 

Adam digging out the mash.

Chopping and peeling the lemongrass.

If even half of the smell from this goes into the beer then its going to awesome!

Pulverised ginger and bashed lemongrass to release all those lovely flavours.

And into the kettle it goes.

Polypins, perfect for festivals.

The festival season is in full swing, and what better way to enjoy a weekend in the sun (or mud) than with a bag in box of tasty Tyne Bank beer.

Next week Glastonbury Festival, seen by many as the highlight of the festival season, will see thousands of people from across the country making the trip. Over half a million pints of beer will be consumed at this year’s Glastonbury, let alone at all the other festivals which will be taking place up and down the country every weekend for the whole summer. So if you’re heading to a festival this summer, why not take some Tyne Bank ale to enjoy.

Bag in boxes are the perfect solution for your festival trip, available in 10 or 20 litre sizes containing any of our core range of ales, they allow you to enjoy great quality beer with ease. We fill them from a cask leaving the sediment behind, so you won’t need to let it settle, and can move it as much as you like. With very little packaging they are light, fully recyclable and you won’t be left with a pile of empty cans to deal with when you leave. 

When you've drank half of it, do what I did last year at Beautiful Days and shove the bag in your rucksack! 

They are also easy to keep cool too, as a larger quantity of liquid takes much longer to warm up than several small containers. A handy tip is covering them with a damp towel if in the sunlight, as the water evaporates from that before it begins to warm the box.

So whether you’re off to Glastonbury next week, Kendal Calling, Bestival, Latitude, Beautiful Days or any of the growing number of great small festivals this summer, pick up a bag in box from us and enjoy quality beer whilst you’re there. I’ll be taking mine to Boomtown Fair. 

They're not just great for festivals, they're also ideal for BBQs, camping and parties. We do need at least 48 hours notice to allow the beer to settle properly, so make sure you place your orders in advance. Contact us via email, phone, twitter or facebook to order. We can even arrange out of hours collection at The Free Trade Inn to suit you.

12 June 2014

Booths Supermarkets.

We are really happy to announce that a selection of our bottled beers will be available in Booths Supermarkets from next week.

Motueka Blonde, Silver Dollar and Cherry Stout will be on sale in almost all of their 29 stores across the North West, from Cumbria to Merseyside and as far east as Ilkley. Booths have built a great reputation for beer and wine over many years and we are proud to be the first North East brewery to join the fantastic choice on their shelves.

On top of this, their 2014 Beer and Cider Festival will take place between 18th June and 15th July in store, and our Motueka Blonde will be available for free samples. Ask in your local store for more details. 

6 June 2014

#tynebankontour photo competition

Here I am in the malt store at the brewery, but where will you take me?

Where's the best location you've enjoyed a beer? We are launching a competition to win a case of our ales, your challenge is to send us a photo and caption of yourself or your friends and family with a bottle of our beer somewhere a bit different. After a bike ride in the sunshine perhaps, on the beach, the top of a mountain, somewhere exotic on holiday or maybe even wild camping somewhere.

We will nominate a different beer for you to get creative with and you can either tweet us a picture using the hashtag #tynebankontour, upload one to Facebook or send us an email, and we'll pick the best one. The winner will be chosen based on where you took the beer, not how good the photo is, so whether its taken on a phone or with a top end camera doesn't matter. We'll put our favourites on the website, and the winner will receive a case of beer and a Tyne Bank glass. Make sure you tell us where you enjoyed the beer though!

The first beer we want you to go exploring with is cycling favourite Peloton Pale Ale.

You can pick up bottles direct from the brewery for just £2 each, from Newcastle airport (perfect if you're off on holiday!) Glug in the Grainger Market, Coppers 8 till 8 in Gosforth, Bodahome in Whitley Bay, Bier Haus in Ossett, across the chain of Vino stores and in Cornelious in Edinburgh. 

You have until the end of July to send us your photos, which means if you're heading to Yorkshire to catch some Tour de France action, you could be in with a winning chance.

3 June 2014

June special - Pilsner

Our brand new special for the month of June is a traditional bohemian pilsner at 4%. 

Patience is the key to brewing Pilsner, this straw coloured, slightly sweet beer with mild spicy, floral and citrus notes has been bottom fermented and cold conditioned at near freezing temperatures for 3 months. The result is a beer with a cleaner, crisper aroma and flavour perfect for that refreshing summer drink. 

The first pilsners were brewed in the Czech Republic in 1842, fermented in caves at lower temperatures which improved clarity and shelf life, compared to other beers at the time. Made using paler malts than it's contemporaries, and flavoured using the noble hop, Saaz, for a distinctive earthy and floral character with low bitterness. Pilsner has grown to become one of the most popular beer styles in the world, and although we don't have a cave to ferment it in, our Pilsner is brewed using the same techniques as the original pioneers of the style. 

Thank you!

A huge thanks to everyone who came to our 3rd birthday party last Friday, what a night! The beer flowed, the atmosphere was brilliant and Holy Moly and the Crackers put on a great set. Here's a few snaps we managed to grab when we weren't too busy serving you guys tasty beer.

The crowd enjoying Holy Moly.

Newcastle University Real Ale Society sipping a few beers in the evening sun, along with plenty others.

Holy Moly and the Crackers in full swing: "Coolest show we've ever played, among the barrels, fermenter tanks and the hops!"

Again a massive thanks to everyone who came down and made it such a special night. We will certainly be doing this again, keep your eyes peeled.