Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Green Hop: Batch #2, unfiltered kegs and launch night.

The first batch of our September special has flown out in cask, there are only a tiny number of casks of the Goldings hopped pale ale left in the brewery just a few days after it's release. 

The First Gold hops delivered straight from the farm.

Currently sitting in the fermenter is the second batch of Green Hop, this time using a later crop of First Gold hops. Using the same malt bill and additions this beer will be slightly different to version #1, with the hops providing floral notes, and a crisp tangerine-like bitterness. When they arrived yesterday they had a distinctly earthy and spicy aroma, typical of English hops.

In addition to the second batch, we have kegged a small amount of the first version. This is the first time we've kegged a beer in house after a few test kegs to get the carbonation right, and the beer is unfined and unfiltered, leaving in all the wonderful fresh hop flavours. This also means the beer is vegan friendly too.

Next Thursday you can join us at the Cumberland Arms in the Ouseburn Valley to enjoy both versions of the beer side by side, along with the unfiltered keg. We'll be there from 7 to answer any questions and talk about the beers, so pop down and taste the freshest hops at their best.

Friday, 5 September 2014

September Special - Green Hop

This week we brewed our latest special, Green Hop. This beer is the freshest you can possibly get in the UK, brewed using freshly picked hops within 24 hours of them coming off the bines. This 4.4% all English pale ale has one job; to showcase the unique properties of these full flavoured fresh hops.

Some clips we took of the harvesting process, the last shot is all the unwanted parts of the plant after the hops have been stripped from the bines.

Right now it's the hop picking season in the UK, over 1500 tonnes of hops will be harvested and used all over the world in many different styles of beer. The majority of these hops will be dried in the Oust House for storage, this process removes around 70% of their moisture and with it, some of their natural oils which provide flavour and aroma. 

Adam getting lost in a Jungle of hops.

Ready to be picked.

Julia and Adam made the trip down to Herefordshire to see the hops being picked, and came straight back to the brewery to throw them into the beer. The variety being harvested on that day was Goldings, a popular aroma hop that is known to produce delicate fruity notes and a smooth, sweet flavour. We used about five times the quantity we would normally for a 4.4% pale ale, as the flavours are less concentrated compared to the dried hops. When the beer had been transferred into the fermenter it smelt delicious, with huge orange peel notes. 

A bunch of hops straight off the bine.

This beer will be best drank fresh, with a big aroma thanks to lots of late additions to the boil. There will be two versions of the beer, using two different hop varieties, both within 24 hours of being picked.

The hops are picked by hand as the tractor slowly moves along the rows.

Tear one open to reveal where all the oils and resins are stored.
The drying process, which our green hops avoided.

The first of our Green Hop ales will be available in cask next week and keg from 15th September. The second crop edition will be available from 22nd September in cask, and in keg from 29th. Make sure you try it a fresh as you can in both methods of dispense for the freshest hop flavours possible.


Friday, 22 August 2014

Barrel of Monkeys Brewday.

Our latest beer which you may have had the pleasure of trying recently, is a collaboration with our friends at Hand Drawn Monkey in Huddersfield. We brewed this super hoppy 6.8% IPA at our brewery for cask, and this week Sam and Adam went down to their brewery to brew it again for keg.

Adam, Sam, Tom and Rob all loading the brew with delicious hops.

Barrel of Monkeys is a deep red colour from the solid malt backbone needed to handle the high amount of hops we used. A punchy fruitbowl of aroma is followed by citrus and tropical fruit flavours with a resinous mouthfeel. Think Fruit Salad sweets with a bitter kick. We used Columbus, Simcoe, Citra, Kohatu and the stickiest Nelson Sauvin we've ever come across, in quantities much higher than we usually do. 

Sparging enough malt for a 6.8% beer takes a while.

Weighing out the hops.

This wasn't even all of them.

Rob and Tom were great hosts, we had a brilliant day getting covered in hops and trying to shoe-horn as many into their copper as possible. If you're in Huddersfield you must check out their beer shop, which now features 15 keg lines and loads of great bottles. Look out for Barrel of Monkeys on cask for it's re-opening night on Saturday 30th August.

We should have the kegged version of this great beer available in a few weeks, follow us on twitter for updates. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Beer tasting at Mmm... & Glug...

Tyne Bank Brewery at glug

This Saturday we will be in the fantastic 'glug...' in Newcastle's historic Grainger Market for an afternoon of free tastings. 

Mmm... and Glug... are two great shops rolled into one, selling the finest food products from small, independent and passionate producers from both the local area and further afield, alongside an extensive range of beers, ciders, wines and spirits of the highest quality. Their approach and attitude is friendly, personal and very refreshing, and they have long been supporters of our beer.

Sam will be there from 12:30 this Saturday (23rd August) cracking open a range of our ales, including our recently award winning Silver Dollar and Mocha Milk Stout, for your sampling pleasure. So whether you're new to our ales or familiar with the range, come along, have a chat and try something you maybe wouldn't usually choose. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

An Award Winning Week.

It's been a great week here at Tyne Bank, and we can proudly announce that Silver Dollar has been awarded 3 gold stars at the Great Taste Awards.

Our highly popular 4.9% American pale ale, which is a gold award winner in it's keg format, has been given the highest accolade awarded by Great Taste, who have been described as "the Oscars of the food world". Products were tasted by over 400 judges between April and July, and out of over 10,000 products entered only 153 were awarded 3 gold stars, and only 6 of those were bottled beers! We are over the moon.

On top of Silver Dollar's success, our Cherry Stout also picked up 1 gold star in the closely fought competition. It's really nice to see our tasty beers being nationally recognised for their quality.

As if all these gold stars weren't enough, our Mocha Milk Stout was awarded 'best in show' at the Newcastle Gateshead EAT! Festival 'Food Heroes Market' last weekend. We held a stall by Grey's Monument along with many of the best producers from the North East all weekend, selling bottles, gift packs and our hand printed tote bags. On Sunday, 60 products from across the market were tasted by a panel of judges, and our 6% milk stout using Pumphreys coffee, cocoa and vanilla was awarded a best in show rosette, along with a handful of other products including sausages, a pie and chocolate.

A big thanks to both EAT! and Great Taste for these awards, and thanks to everyone who bought beer from the stall at the weekend.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

August Special - Barrel of Monkeys

Our monthly special is a little different this time, we have joined forces with our friends from Hand Drawn Monkey Brewing Co. in Huddersfield to brew a double IPA.

This beer is all about the hops, we've ramped up the malt bill to bring the ABV to 6.8%, and crammed in bucket loads of bold new world hops including Columbus, Simcoe and Citra, bringing the bitterness to a substantial 109 IBU. There is more to this beer than bitterness though, with hop additions timed to extract big flavours like citrus fruits, juicy tropical notes and a resinous pine quality, this is one for those who like their beer bold and packed full of taste.

One for the beer geeks; here's the hops we used.

Like us, Hand Drawn Monkey is an award winning micro brewery which values the quality and flavour of their beer. We have wanted to work with Rob, Tom and the crew for a while, so jumped at the chance when they asked if we wanted to brew a beer, and with our shared passion for new world hops, a double IPA was the clear choice.

A 'barrel' is the correct term for a group of monkeys, and handily a very appropriate word with all it's brewing connotations, so naming the beer was pretty straight forward. The beer was brewed at Tyne Bank for cask, and will be brewed again later this month at Hand Drawn Monkey for keg.

Spoiler alert: It's hoppy! 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

An evening of Beer & Chocolate.

Join us for an evening of tasty beer and hand crafted chocolates at the Free Trade. To showcase the kegged version of our latest and hugely popular special, Summer Breeze, we are teaming up with Davenport's Chocolates to pair a couple of our beers with a selection of their delicious chocolates.

Brewed using ginger and lemongrass, at 3.9% Summer Breeze is the perfect beer for lazy summer evenings, packed full of flavour yet light and refreshing. We have been planning this event since Davenport's suggested our beer would be great paired with their Ginger and Lemongrass truffles, via the local networking hashtag #northeasthour. The response was huge, so we had to make this happen.


As a compliment to the summery flavours of Summer Breeze with the Ginger and Lemongrass truffles, you will be able to enjoy our Mocha Milk Stout alongside the luxurious combination of a vanilla fudge and a coffee cream. A packet containing one each of the three chocolates will be available from the bar for only £1.70, and there will be a wide range of Tyne Bank ales on draft for you to enjoy. Tempted? Get yourself down to the Free Trade Inn on Wednesday 6th August from 7pm for these tasty treats. Both ourselves and Davenport's will be there for a chat and to answer any questions you may have about our products.

The Free Trade's popular weekly quiz will start at 9pm, with prizes from both ourselves and Davenport's, so you can make an evening of it!