Saturday, 23 April 2016

Happy St Georges Day.

Hopefully the sun is shining and you can head to a beer garden to enjoy a pint of our ale, available across the UK on selected Punch pubs on their Finest Cask Rotation.

We finalised the T shirt design for the £150 Motueka reward this week hope you like them.


Our crowd cube pitch is going well, we are 50% funded and well on the way to achieving our dream. Thanks to all our investors please spread the word for the final push to the end.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Exciting news to announce......

We have some exciting news to announce.....
Julia Austin our Managing Director has written an open letter explaining more about our plans.

Hi, I’m Julia, founder of Tyne Bank Brewery. 

Back in 2006, while working as a Chemical Engineer, I took a trip to British Columbia where I experienced a craft beer scene way ahead of where we were in the UK.  The skills, passion and knowledge evident amongst these breweries and tap rooms fuelled my dream to open my own brewery.

Five years later in 2011 Tyne Bank Brewery was born and our ambition and ethos has always been based on those early experiences.  We aim to combine local passion with the best ingredients available globally to ensure we maximise the flavour for every product we produce. It’s what we put into it that guarantees what you get out of it. 

I am extremely proud of what Tyne Bank Brewery has achieved. We have several awards; notably Summer Breeze which recently won gold in class and silver overall in the 2016 National SIBA keg awards and Silver Dollar, our American Pale Ale which won gold in class in 2014.  Our Monument, an English bitter was awarded the top 3 Gold Stars in the Good Food Guide’s Great Taste Awards and furthermore it was rated in the Top 50 of 10,000 food & drink submissions across all categories in 2015.

Because of our success we now need to relocate to larger premises.

Rather than merely moving to a larger site, we wish to take maximum advantage of the new opportunities that the unprecedented thirst for craft beers are bringing.

Firstly Artisan produced beer is no longer exclusively “cask conditioned” and served via a handpull. The craft-keg revolution is now firmly established whilst high-end beer connoisseurs now favour the can to ensure their beer is in the freshest condition.

Secondly, drinking at the brewery “tap” has never been more popular and we would love to engage with our customers in our own tap house and events space enabling us to showcase our products and offer a great bar experience in an industrial setting.

After a lot of research we have found a large characterful leasehold premises a stone’s throw from the existing brewery and at over four times the size of our current unit it is perfect to put our exciting plans in place. 

So here’s what are we planning;
·         To refurbish, relocate and expand the brewery.
·         To install the north east’s first canning line with flexibility to also bottle and keg
·         To open a brewery craft tap house along with a unique events space.

The next step in our journey will be expensive and so we need investment. 

We are independent and proud of it, with a strong desire to build a solid, multi-faceted craft brewery business.   We want to share the journey with people that will help us grow and are passionate in making Tyne Bank Brewery one of the North’s most progressive craft breweries.

We want all our investors to become part of our DNA.

From £10 to £50,000 we’re offering the opportunity to invest and own an equity stake in Tyne Bank Brewery and in return we offer our shareholders a unique experience, ensuring they are truly engaged with us and most definitely enjoying the ride.

Find our more at

Investments of this nature carry risks as well as potential rewards. Please #InvestAware

April Special - Vienna Lager

Back by popular demand for April is our Vienna Lager. Vienna Lager is hitting the handpulls and keg taps now. The beer is brewed using Vienna malt, which is kilned at a higher temperature than usual to provide a rich and toasty flavour. It isn't kept at the high temperature for long though, which allows the enzymatic activity to remain high, therefore it can be used to make up the majority of the malt bill. Combined with a lager malt, it makes for a medium bodied and full flavoured beer. We've hopped Vienna Lager with Saaz for a traditional European lager flavour and a crisp, refreshing finish.

This style of Lager was developed in Austria in the 1840s, and was made popular in the US when Viennese brewers emigrated and took their knowledge with them. It is often referred to as pre-prohibition lager as it was a popular style widely brewed in the US before alcohol was outlawed nationwide in 1920.

Our take on this historical style is available this month in both cask and keg.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

February Special - Heavenly Porter Returns.

The ever popular Bourbon blended porter returns as our February special to warm you up through the last weeks of winter. This 5.4% porter has become an annual feature in the Tyne Bank roster, and rightly so. Brewed with 8 different malt varieties and blended with Kentucky Old Style Bourbon, Heavenly Porter is full of flavour.

The complex malt bill creates a robust and full bodied backbone to the beer. Deep brown in colour with a slight red hue, it's an intriguing sight in the glass. After fermentation, the beer is blended with Heaven Hill Bourbon. A classic Kentucky Bourbon with a smooth character and plenty of vanilla notes, having spent 4 years in oak casks. The bourbon smooths out the malt flavours, adds layers of complexity and a satisfying warmth to the beer. The flavours linger around, with roasted notes and a perfectly balanced whiskey character.

We will of course be maturing some of this year's batch in some Heaven Hill casks, which should be ready in time for Autumn, but you can get your hands on the original version in cask and keg now.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Tyne Bank on Eebria.

Tyne Bank Brewery

You can now by our beer online anywhere in the UK. Our bottled range is now available here:

We've put together some mixed cases as well as the individual bottles to showcase our wide range of beers. There's a general mixed case filled with an even spread of styles, as well as a dark beers case and a pale ales selection, each containing 12 bottles.

Postage is a competitive £5.99 per brewery, regardless of how many bottles you buy. Your order comes through to us, and we use Eebria's specifically designed packaging ensuring your beer arrives safe and sound. If you'd like to make the most of the packaging, we have boxes which hold 12 bottles, and boxes which hold 24.

Our bottled and kegged beers are also available in Eebria Trade, so if you're interested in stocking our beers in your pub, bar or bottle shop you can now take advantage of the excellent courier service provided. 

If there's a Tyne Bank beer you've been desperate to try, but you live outside of the North East, head over to our Eebria page and place your order now. Make sure you tell your local pub if you're keen to try our keg beers too.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Quarterly Hop Series #1 - Motueka Dollar.

Like any brewery, we love experimenting with different hops, so this year we will showcase some of our favourite varieties in the form of a series of special versions of our best selling beer.

American pale ale Silver Dollar is our most popular brew, and is the perfect base for experimenting with generous hop additions. The amber coloured malt bill is able to carry the big flavours imparted by the extra hops, and by using the same base recipe for each version you will easily be able to pick out the different flavours each hop brings to the party.

For the first quarter of 2016 we have used possibly our favourite hop, Motueka. Grown in New Zealand, this multi purpose variety has a great aroma, and is said to have a distinctive fresh crushed citrus “Mojito” lime character. By adding it late in the brew, and as a hefty dry hop, we found it has brought juicy, tropical notes to the beer with plenty of fruity hop character carried by the malt bill. Bred by crossing a native NZ variety with the classic noble hop, Saaz, we use Motueka in many of our beers as we love it's moreish flavour and versatility. It works just as well as a bittering hop as it does for aroma.

Motueka Dollar is available now until the end of March is cask and keg, when it will be replaced with a new version using a different hop. Stay tuned to find out more.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

January Special - Chocolate Raspberry Stout.

Our first monthly special of 2016 is a lovely winter warmer in the form of Chocolate Raspberry Stout. Who says you have to behave yourself in January?

The beer is a balanced dark ale at 4.7%, brewed with real chocolate and raspberries for a subtle and balanced flavour that builds with each sip. At under 5% the beer is accessible, but not lacking in flavour. The combination of chocolate, crystal and cara malts combined with around 8kg of real chocolate melted into the beer ensures plenty of chocolatey goodness. We then added raspberry purée and whole fresh raspberries to punctuate the richness with a fruity bite.

Chocolate Raspberry Stout is inspired by a one off beer we brewed last year on our test kit for local beer writer Michael Brown's wedding. This was a 9% imperial recipe which we've scaled back to create more sensible beer balancing all the flavours of the beer which inspired it.

This rich and enticing, yet well balanced beer is available now in both cask and keg, to help ward off those cold winter nights.