19 November 2017

P L U M E   L i v e  + s u p p o r t s  -  T H U R S D A Y  2 3 r d  N o v e m b e r  |                             D o o r s  6 p m  |  F R E E  E N T RY

PLUME are a Manchester-based four piece boasting a distinctive sound influenced as much by the continuum of contemporary electronic music as it is by jazz and minimalism. All four members (Caroline Hendry – vocals; John Diver – guitar; Andy Patterson – bass guitar; Joe Luckin – drums) are graduates of the Royal Northern College of Music, combining education and expertise with innovation and flare to produce a unique and refined musical hybrid.

After finishing their studies, the four stayed on in their adopted home of Manchester, drawn deeply to the city’s fertile musical culture. Performing and writing across the city in various musical outfits, they would soon coalesce naturally into Plume, weaving their disparate musical interests and backgrounds covering jazz, techno, drum and bass and post-punk into the quartet that exists today.

Check them out here / https://plumeuk.bandcamp.com/album/limefield-ep

Twin Beam is a collaborative project between brothers Oscar and Athol Cassidy, working as a composition/ performance/ production team.
Twin Beam’s style is a blend of funk, electronica, rock and ambient as can be heard on their releases and remixes for other artists. An interest in video game and film soundtracks is quite evident in their sound.

Check them out here /

7 November 2017

12pm - Late
Child / Dog Friendly

We're celebrating the joy of MAKING with our latest creative indoor market! Independant artists, collecives, makers and creatives will be situated in the brewewry sharing & selling their craft. We'll have some interactive drawing opportunities for the young ones (and olds). 

Silver Dagger Jewellery 
Nowt Special Artists
Newcaslte Wood Recycling 
Maker Space Workshop
Britt's Little Paper Shop

And many more!

Street Food is brought to you by the always incredible The Tower Cafe! 
Serving 12 - Late.

With Christmas just a hop, skip and a jump away it'll be a top chance to grab some lovely presents!